HiQ Trace & Cedar Red Reckoning
"Troo" & "Reckon"

Born October 28th 2009
Nine healthy happy puppies!!

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Troo is a terrific dog.  Troo has it all.  She is focused, loyal, lovable, affectionate, good looking and she has TALENT!  This is no surprise as her mother is one of the top agility dogs in the country!  I have had so much fun training this little girl. She is such an apt student. She really wants to do things right and she will try and try until she gets it right and once she has it ,she has it. Troo loves to do things with speed and a big smile. She listens so well and needs no encouragement to try her best. She loves to play ball and is lightning fast. She is great with all of our kids and is very cuddly when she is not working. Reckon is a powerful and athletic dog, with a temperament to die for! He is sweet, steady and outgoing, and loves to meet and greet anyone 2 or 4 legged. He has matured into a very handsome dog with outstanding structure and will to work. A son of outstanding Tru (Blush Tried and Tru) and Ryker (Lazy Hills Ryker).  He is a dark red rough coated male, with lots of bone and coat, not white factored.  He is 20 inches tall and 43 lbs.
Reckon also has a terrific pedigree that includes top herding, obedience and flyball dogs!

If you are looking for a very fun, high energy, athletic, talented and
responsive dog then a Troo & Reckon puppy is for you!
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Troo's Puppies 2009

Troo & Reckon's Puppies
Born Oct. 28, 2009
WUNDERBAR - Male, black & white
GRAND SLAM - Male, black & white
BOUNTY - Male, black & white
COFFEE CRISP- Male, red & white 
Coffee Crisp is available
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ROLO - Male, red & white
CRUNCHIE - Male, red & white
TWIX - Female, black & white
M&M - Female, black & white
CARAMILK - Female, red & white

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Last updated March 12, 2010

Dec. 15 - almost 7 weeks old

Nov. 25, 09 - 4 weeks old

November 9 2009 - 12 days old

October 30, 2009 - 2 days old