Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp is a beautiful red and white male puppy.  We have started training him in agility and he is taking to it like a fish to water!  He is very focused and learns very quickly.  He is going up and down planks, through tunnels, lying down on the table without a command, handling on the right and left and we will be starting to work on the weave poles.  He is also being crate trained. It is alot of fun to work with Coffee Crisp because he is such an apt pupil!

Coffee Crisp is fully vaccinated.  His mother is HiQ Trace (Troo) and his father is Cedar Red Reckoning (Reckon).

For more information on how we raise our puppies click here.  To see Coffee Crisp's pedigree click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Coffee Crisp is available.  If you are interested in Coffee Crisp please fill out a puppy application .

Below are some pictures of Coffee Crisp. Enjoy!

Coffee Crisp